Introduction: Time to Get All James Bond on Your Mac OR the Apple Remote Watch

What time is it?

It's time to pump up the volume!!!!

and change tracks, or pull up Front Row, or control your Keynote presentations all from you super cool watch.

The apple remote is pretty cool, however it's just another thing to carry around, or just another remote to throw in your drawer. I keep mine in my messenger bag, and usually have to dig around for it when I want it. Well, no more!
Even though it's a small device it's big enough to be annoying in your pocket, so why not lose the bulk and keep it accessible? Why not be like James Bond and have a watch that does something cool? Well here you go.

I hadn't marked the buttons yet in the video, so I had to search for them a little, it actually works just as well as the remote even if it doesn't seem like it in the video

Step 1: Tools and Materials

angle cutter
small phillips screwdriver
soldering iron

Watch with a wide band
Apple Remote
cloth or leather
electrical tape

Step 2: Destruction!!!!

So far I haven't found a non-destructive way to get the innards from an apple remote, so..

First - pull out battery holder
Second - use pliers to pop off the clear plastic at the top
Third - use angle cutters to cut off the white outer casing

it may take a little time, but once you get it off you'll be left with a small circuit board and the piece that holds the battery holder.

Remove the screws that hold the board to the plastic.

Now you have your Apple core :)

Step 3: It's Solderin' Time

De-solder the LED carefully so as not to damage the board.
Solder two wires to the board where you took off the LED.
Cut the wires to the right length so that they fit under the watch face. (see picture)
Remove the battery connectors.
Solder to more wires to the places that you removed the connectors.
Cut these wires long enough so that the will reach under the watch face. (see picture)
Tin the LED wires and attach the LED to the end.
Strip the ends of the battery wires and attach them to the battery with electrical tape. This will make it easier to replace the battery later.

Step 4: Makin' 'er Purdy

I used a piece of cloth I had laying around, but I'll probably switch it with a piece of scrap leather later. I guess you could really use anything, except maybe tinfoil, or you could leave it exposed for a more "cyberpunk" look. It really depends on your taste and what looks best with the watch you use.

Basically you just wrap around the band and the circuit board and attach underneath. I used a little glue, but when I replace it with leather I'll probably sew it to the band through the screw holes.

Once you have it wrapped, you can still feel where the buttons are so you can mark them in any way you see fit. I used a few drops of paint, but didn't really take the time to line them up properly. The marks are close enough that they still work, but aesthetically it's a little weak.

*update I replaced the cloth with leather, I used a small strip of black electrical tape on the top and bottom to hold it to the band, and glued it underneath. Still not sure how I want to mark the buttons.

Step 5: Finished

There you go. Now you can feel like James Bond every time you switch songs!