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Introduction: Apple TV Remote Dongle

Apple TV is a great device, but that super sleek remote always gets lost in the couch cushions. I designed this dongle to help give it some grip and prevent it from disappearing into the depths of the couch.

Step 1: Design

I work at TechShop San Jose (find more info about us here) and have access to both Autodesk Inventor and a MakerBot Replicator 3D printer.

I started by bringing in a model of the Apple TV Remote into Inventor. (Many thanks to Chris Hutchings for making this file). Then I proceeded to make a case that fits snugly around the remote. By using the combine-cut feature I simply cut out the shape of the Apple TV Remote from my design.

Then I saved my file as .STL with units set to mm.

Now time for the printing...

Step 2: Printing on the Replicator

Using MakerWare I set up my STL for printing.

I used a filament called NinjaFlex (can be purchased here).

The settings I used were:

  • standard quality 10%infill / 2shells / 0.20mm layer height
  • 228°C nozzle temp
  • 35mm/s printing speed

I did not use a raft (because I designed my own), but I did use supports.

Step 3: Clean Up and Enjoy

Using a sharp knife I trimmed off the raft and supports. I also put a piece of rope through the hole.

This piece is a pretty tight fit, you can swing it around, and even pull quite hard on the dongle and the remote will stay snugly inside.

Here is the link to my Thingiverse page. If you want to play around with the files and make your own changes feel free.

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    This is brilliant! I hate how small, slippery and easy to lose that Apple remote is, guess I know what I'll be making next!