Introduction: Apple TV - Tv Controller

About: Developer in free time and electronic hobbyist.

With this project, you can turn on your tv with your Apple TV automatically. Just place the case under your Tv's infrared receiver and your done.

Step 1: The Required Components

You will need some components to get this project running.

• Arduino Nano

• Mini USB cable

• USB adapter

• Apple TV

• 1 x LDR

• 1 x white LED

• 1 x infrared LED

• 1 x 10 K resistor

• 2 x 220 ohm resistor

Step 2: Adjusting the Code

Download the Arduino file I prepared.

The command to control the tv are separated in functions. These are the functions you will need to change. In particular the void kdTogglePower().

This is the command that will toggle your tv via infrared. The example I used is for a Medion Tv. You will need to receive your IR commands from your remote and change them with the example I made.

Step 3: Connecting the Wires

In this example, we use an Arduino Uno but if you want to use the 3D printed case, you need to use an Arduino Nano to fit in the hole.

Connect everything like the images and put the components in the 3D printed case.

Step 4: Print the Case

To print the case, I recommend to use 3DHubs. They deliver great quality and excellent customer support.

This is an easy step. Download the "Apple TV.STL" file and upload it to 3DHubs.

Step 5: Support Me

Hi, I created this project in my free time and actually spent more money on it than intended. I got a few design problems with the case. Wich made me create 3 of these cases.

Hope you enjoy this project and feel free to donate ;)