Introduction: Apple IPod IPhone Charger!

This is NOT MY DESIGN! This is matt.e.jenkins design. Just so you guys know...

This is my Altoids USB Charger. I made it so it runs on a 9V battery and charges iPods an iPhones. It is very efficient, but it's more of an emergency charger. I used a 175mAh battery on it, and it started to charge, not the plug sign. If you get that, it isn't exactly charging. It's feeding electricity to the battery, but the battery is using more than is given. So its battery is dying slower, if you get the plug sign. The lightning bolt means it is charging.

1- 9V battery
1-9V battery clip
1- toggle switch
1- LED
1- 350 ohm resistor
1- 22uF capacitor
1- 5V Regulator
1- 10nF capacitor
2- 33k Resistor
2- 22k resistor
1- Female Usb
Tiny Perforated Board
Some sort of Enclosure (If you don't use metal, you won't need electrical tape)
Electrical Tape

Step 1: How Does the Charger Work?

The charger is running on a 9V battery source. You will need a switch to keep it from using electricity when unneeded. Then (if you want to) add an LED. On the positive leg of it add a 350 ohm resistor. After the LED, put in a 22uF capacitor. This will keep the current smooth. After, put in a 5V regulator. The regulator will take the 9V to 5V for the USB. Then you can put in a 10 nF capacitor. You will not have to because the VR is a semiconductor. Then, you will need to create a 2v source for iPods. IOS 7 DEVICES DONT NEED THE 2v SOURCE! So, what you will do is solder a 33k resistor to the positive input. Then get a 22k resistor and hook it up to the ground. At the ends of the resistors, solder them together. Then attatch a wire from your USB to the data lines. Go to the USB picture to see. Then, hook your positive and negative inputs into the USB. THEY ARE NOT HOOKED UP INTO THE VOLTAGE DIVIDER! AFTER YOU MAKE THE 2 VOLTAGE DIVIDERS SOLDER THE 33k RESISTOR TO THE END RECIEVING 5v. SAME WITH GROUND. HOOK GROUND UP AFTER THE 22k RESISTORS!

Step 2: Solder It!

Now take all of the parts. Solder the battery holder to the switch. After that, solder the + to the 350 ohm resistor. The - will go to the smaller leg (cathode) of the led. Then solder it to the 22uF capacitor. After, solder the 22uF to the left leg of the 5V regulator. The middle is ground. The. Solder the right pin to the 10nF (It equals .01uF, so you can get that) And the middle pin to the other leg of the capacitor. It won't matter which way you solder it. Them solder your 22k to ground and your 33k to the 5V. Then solder the VD together in the middle, creating 2V. Then attach the one wire to the data pin of it. Then make another VD and do the same thing for the other data pin. Then, you will solder your + to the end of the 33k that is recieving 5v. Do the same with -, just to the 22K resistor. Then just fit it in your enclosure, and your done:)

Step 3: The Tin

I spraypainted mine everywere. Then I sanded the top, and I liked how the letters and border turned silver. It will rust some, so put sone finishing on it.

Step 4: DONE!

You're all done! Have fun with your new charger!

Step 5: Questions?

If you need help, just ask here. I will also check on the intro. Remember, this isn't my design. This is matt.e.jenkins design. Thanks for the fun project, Matt!