Apple Jigsaw Puzzle #7 With Bonus!

Introduction: Apple Jigsaw Puzzle #7 With Bonus!

This is the last part of my 7 part series on eating an apple a ay for a week,

I will be compiling this series in a collection you can find here.

This is probably the most flexible Instructable made in the way that you can make it in any shape you want.

The process is simple so have fun and remember to please vote!

Step 1: The Base

First, you need to decide how thick you want your jigsaw, I did mine around 1cm thick.

Cut it out of any section of the apple you want, I found that using the part with the seeds wasn't such a good idea because the seeds created weak points that broke very easily.

Step 2: The Cuts

Now, get a smaller knife with a sharp blade an start cutting out the pieces, the more the pieces the fiddlier it gets, if you make the pieces too large it will not be a challenge.

You need to find the size that is right for you.

I cut my pieces medium and it woke well.

Thanks for reading, please vote and check out the collection!

Step 3: My Workplace!

This is what my work station looked like after I finished the apple 'ibles, I used 8 apples and about 3 hours.

I ate all the apple in the bowl when I was making this series!

This series took about 5 hours to complete, I made the text in one afternoon and the images were done the next day!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    This is pretty cool! I look forward to seeing the collection.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for reminding me!

    I forgot to hyperlink 'here' to the collection...

    It should be linked now and you can go there and see it!

    Thanks for your interest in my 'ibles.

    That does make jugsaws infinitely more appealing by being tasty, and that they can be filling upon completion of the puzzle. Thanks for sharing!