Apple Logo Stop-motion



Introduction: Apple Logo Stop-motion

 I decided to make this video after watching a video on youtube of an apple start up remix song, and thought it would be fun to make a stop-motion to the song.

Step 1: Materials

  • Craft foam (need different colors)
  • Apple logo cut out
  • Scissors
  • Computer with Stop-Motion pro program
  • Web cam

Step 2: Making Your Apple Logo

Cut paper logo into sections to trace onto Craft foam.

Trace onto Craft foam and carefully cut out.

Step 3: Starting Your Stop-motion

 Set your web cam to the position you want and start filming your video with Stop-motion pro.
 While filming try moving your pieces around while taking pictures. This makes your video more entertaining and its fun.

Step 4: Finishing Your Video

Edit your video with Adobe Premier. You can add music and credits and  tweak your video however you like.

Step 5: Finished Video

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