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Introduction: Apple Slices Covered in BACON

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Hello all, This Instructable will go over how to recreate your own delicious apple slices. This snack can be made in about twenty minutes or so.

Step 1: Hand Washing

Yes, I know most of you know that you should always wash your hands before preparing a meal for you or more importantly for others. Just wash your hands thoroughly with some anti-bacterial soap.

Step 2: Supplies

One or more apples(Choose a cooking variety such as Empire.etc )

One apple cutter

One lemon squeezer

One handful of toothpicks

A tray or baking sheet

Fully cooked bacon(For easy quick use)

Lemon or lime

Honey( Optional)

Step 3: Preheating Oven

Alright, now that you got the basics out of the way it's time to begin. You're going to want to preheat your oven to about 425 degrees on bake. This is one of the first steps because the preparation is only around five minutes.

Step 4: Food Washing

Some people prewash all of there consumables such as fruit in a special wash. My particular opinion is that it is ok to do but, it seems like it is a unnecessary step in preparing uour apples. I Just clean my apples under running water however, this is your choice.

Step 5: Cutting

You take your apple and place the apple slicer onto the center of the apple and press down. However, if you do not have an apple slicer you can use and apple corer and then cut it or just use an knife.

Step 6: Squeezing

Now your are going to put your apple slices on a plate and covering them with whichever you chose, lemon or lime. You want to do this as soon as you cut your apples so they do not oxidize (browning). However, if you do forget the it doesn't really matter because it won't really affect the taste just the appearance.

Step 7: BACON!

You're going to take your bacon and take the apple slice and begin wrapping the slice in bacon now grab your toothpicks and at each end stick the toothpick through the bacon and slightly through the apple. As you can see I only used one piece of bacon but you can completely cover the apple slice. If you want it to look more pleasing then place it where both the ends meet and lay it on your tray.

Step 8: Oven Time

Now that you have prepared all of your delicious snacks you put them on that baking tray. If you are going to drizzle honey over top of all your snacks then i recommend using parchment paper because some of the honey seeps of onto the tray and hardens. However if you don't have parchment paper or any thing similar you can just apply the honey, when you take all the slices of the tray just leave the in the sink with some water inside it and wait five minutes. Dump the water out and the honey is gone.

Step 9: Baking

Now set a timer for ten minutes and put your apples into the oven. Check on your apples in the last four minutes and watch the sizzling bacon the soft sweet apple.

Step 10: Finished

Now safely take your tray out of the oven with an oven mitt. Take out all of your apples and place them on a plate and serve.

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