Introduction: Appliance for Furniture Production

About: I like hiking and travelling, there I will recieve inspiration for my idea.

This appliance is for those, who DIY furniture from Laminated Particle Board.

Step 1: Materials

LPB 150x90mm - 2pcs

· Clamp 50mm – 2 pcs

· Metal corner 40x40x40mm – 1pcs

· Metal corner 40x40x20mm – 1pcs

· Woods screw 3.5x16mm - 10pcs

· Confirmat Furniture Screw 6,3x50mm - 2 pcs

Step 2: Tools

· Angle grinder

· Cordless drill

· Welding machines

· Confirmat Furniture Screw drills

Step 3: Make Corner Connection.

I drill hole in the LPB on Confirmat Furniture Screw. Then I connect two parts of LPB on corner 90° by Confirmat Furniture Screw.

Step 4: Improve the Clamp.

Metal corner 40x40x40mm cut on 2 parts 40x40mm. I weld this parts of corner to fixed base of clamps.

Step 5: Final Works.

Step 60mm from internal corner of appliance and fix clamp by screws 3.5x16mm. Metal corner 40x40x20mm cut on 2 parts 40x20mm. Step 40mm from outer corner of butt-end and fix parts of corner by 2 screws 3.5x16mm.

Step 6: How It Work?