Introduction: Apps You Need to Be a Film Maker

I'm going to college to Television and New Media this September and I did some research on some must have apps for film making. And I want to share with you!

Step 1: Intro Designer for IMovie

Intro Designer For iMovie is an app that makes the clip about what studio or production company made the film. There are tons of animations, pictures, and texts to choose from. It's easy to use and a must have!

Step 2: Celtx Scripts

Celtx Scripts is an app and a program that's available on your computer. You can start a script on the computer and continue it on your iPhone/iPod. It's very professional and really easy to use. If your a script writer, you need this app!

Step 3: Rehearsal2

Rehearsal2 is an app that helps you learn your lines, prepare for your shoot, or stage performance. You can highlight your lines, add notes and download your script. If your serious about acting or filmmaking, this is an app for you!

Step 4: IMovie

You can make HD movies anywhere you go. You can make trailers or small movies for assignments. It's new and easy to use so you can make professional movies.

Step 5: Cinemek Storyboard Composer

Cinemek Storyboard Composer is a mobile story board designed for film makers directors and and for photography. This app lets you take photos, locations, and the usual story boarding mark ups. You can even use your own stand ins if you don't have your actor with you.

Step 6: Telepromt+ for IPhone

Telepromt+ For iPhone is a easy to use app for your iPhone and iPod. You can use it to present, lectures, podcasts, and if your using a young film actor they can just read it off of the app. Very useful app and a must have.

Step 7: Sun Seeker

Last but not least, is sun seeker. An app that helps you predict where the sun will be when filming. If you are ever going to shoot out side, I'd say to get this app. It's a wonderful app and really day to use.