April Fools Pranks Done With Successful Results

Introduction: April Fools Pranks Done With Successful Results

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forgetting it was April fools , me and my sister were scheming things to do without getting my wife ,daughter ,her husband , brother in law and my other sister mad or making them late for work , all these were Successful Pranks done April 1 2011 ,   my sister did was wet her husbands toothbrush and let the salt cake in the middle luckily he doesn't have high blood pressure   lol ,  I did one to my boss  using the sniping tool (win7) snapshot of the whole desktop , took all the shortcuts off the screen and used the snapshot as the wallpaper , so trying to get online clicking on any shortcuts didn't work cause they were all part of the picture . needless to say that went well  !! LMAO  i was surprised he didn't notice the Weather , Calendar and  the clock were not moving  LMAO !!    Happy Times !!   oh i forgot and on my wife's car  i took the volume knob off and set to almost full blast (didn't want to blow out the speakers i just installed  and set all presets (18 of them ) to the same Spanish station , and in the CD player i put a Marylin Manson CD  , her seats were set all the way back and recliner all the way back, mirrors all moved ,  packing tape around one of the tires ,( if you ever bought new tires and the dude didn't take off the sticker , that's pretty annoying)  even more so when it all around the tire  lol   since my brother in law gets up early in the morning and has his work clothes set out  my sister put cars stickers all along the back of his pant legs and on the bottom of his shoes .  i got a phone call every ten minutes from my wife just to wake and annoy me ( of course she hung up she was wide awake i was trying to sleep )    and i got saran wrapped monitor moused and keyboard i have to wait till my wife comes home to get the pic from her phone and post it.  all this and one pic of my brother in law after he made his third cup of coffee  !!  BAHAHAHA      Happy Pranking !!!!

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