Introduction: Apron With Quick Release Buckles

A lot of aprons are really hard to secure because they tend to have short straps that do not allow the user to tie in the apron at the front. However, it is really easy to upgrade the apron to a quick release buckle without having to sew anything. By not sewing, the buckle and slider can be removed for washing.

The buckles and the sliders should be of the same dimensions as the straps on the apron. These can be bought very cheaply online (about 5€ for 10 of each)


Quick release buckles 25mm (1")

Slider tri-glide 25mm (1")

Step 1: Insert the Strap on the Buckle

Slide the strap from the below in the slit closest to the centre. Turn the strap back and insert it from the top at the slit closest to the edge.

Step 2: Secure the Other Half of the Buckle

Slide the strap through the tri-glide and then through the end of the buckle. Slide the strap again through the tri-glide in order to secure it.

Step 3: Adjust the Straps

Adjust the strap with the tri-glide so that it is in the correct distance when wearing the apron.

The other strap is adjustable when wearing. First lock in the buckle and them pull on the strap.