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Introduction: Apron From a Plastic Bag

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My kids love playing with everything messy! Finger painting, clay, mud, plain water.

I wanted to have something to protect them and their clothes from it. So I decided to have a plastic apron for them.

I had a lot of plastic bags and as they are not biodegradable we rarely throw them away and try our best to reuse them

I thought that this is a good opportunity to reuse a bag.

Step 1: Materials Needed

1. A plastic bag
2. Cutter and a pair of scissors
3. Tape
4. some ribbons that are long enough to fit the kid's waist and neck

Step 2:

Cut the bag's sides, leaving the base intact, so that the apron's length can be adjusted according to the height required.

Step 3: Cut the Base and the Neck

Measure the length and cut the base at the level you want.
Cut the sleeves and the neck according to your preferences.

Step 4:

Take a ribbon of size bigger than the kid's waist and after reversing the bag, tape the ribbon to it.
We can use short bits of ribbon taped to the ends only or a long piece taped all over the breadth to make it more sturdy.

Step 5: Fix the Neck Strap

Tape a ribbon to both the ends of the bag's handle, making sure that the whole loop passes through the head of the kid.

And IT'S DONE!!!

Here is the photo of my daughter wearing the apron that I made.

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    6 years ago

    so easy!!! Even I can make this... ironing a few sheets together for durability like the other commenter mentioned, doesn't even add change the rest of the steps! love it. thanks


    Reply 6 years ago

    Pleased to know that you liked it!


    9 years ago on Introduction

    I love this idea! My kids are the crafty type. This is gonna save me lots of MONEY and stress! Thanks for sharing! 5 STARS!


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Yup, very good. Clever! You could even make it more durable by fusing multiple plastic bags together!

    That is a really cute bag to use for the apron. I love that when it gets too dirty, you can just throw it away without worry!