Aqua Burst "Playable" Card

Introduction: Aqua Burst "Playable" Card

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This is a birthday card for my brother, I made. My brother and his wife created an App store game. This can be found at or at . For his birthday, I decided to make a moveable card featuring his game. Here is the card images and a video of it in action.

This card can be modified for things such as Pac Man or Mario by changing the decorations and backgrounds.

Step 1: Cut the Pieces

I used a cricut to cut the pieces. Spikey's body is made of various red colored vinyls with white and black vinyls for eyes. The card itself is 6" X 4" with the inside left side cut as a track for Spikey.

Step 2: Make Spikey

I made Spikey by making three different sized stars on vinyl card stock with a sticker backing. I started by putting the eyes and mouth on the smallest star for his face. Then the three stars were staggered onto each other to give him a Spikey look. The bottom star is the biggest and the top star is the smallest with the face.

Step 3: Make the Wand

The wand is a long skinny strip of cardstock, slightly bigger then where the top part of the track to the bottom is (so it sticks out a bit). On the top of the wand I folded a small skinny cardstock to give it depth.  If you want to make it more sturdy, you can use a popsicle stick.

Put it together:
Then I put Spikey on the wand and on the back I put a square piece of cardstock that I cut to Spikeys shape.

Step 4: Put the Card Back On

Stick Spikey through the back of the card and then glue another piece of cardstock over the back. Make sure to leave the bottom open so that the wand can move side to side as well as up and down.

Step 5: Decorate the Background and Card

Then I added a picture of Spikey's home on the front of the card, and a message and bubbles for Spikey to avoid on the inside of the card. I used colored pencils.

The message says:

Have a Spiketacurly great Birthday!

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