Introduction: Aqua Matrix - the Fountain That Rains in Slow Motion!!

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Several years ago I had a window in my Man cave that let in to much light for my liking. I decided to build a fountain that would block the sunlight streaming in. My man cave was themed in 80s decor so I figured I would make an optical illusion fountain with existing technology concepts that would be awesome. I have limited photos and video of the build process as I lost all of it in the flood of Harvey.


Multi colored plexiglass, 1x4 wood, Strobe circuits, Wire, Black light flash lights, potentiometers, containers for water.

Step 1: Frame Out of Window

1st thing I wanted was something awesome! I framed out the window in 4 sections. I wanted 80s so I got 4 different colors of plexiglass for the sections. Hot Pink, Neon Orange, Neon Green, and Neon Blue!!! I did mention this was supposed to look like it fell out of the 80s right??

Once the frame was built

Step 2: Making It AWESOME!!!!!

Once the frame was built and put in window, I had some decals made with a pattern that I liked, ( you may see that pattern in other things I build!! LOL!!!) I applied the patterns to the plexiglass and ....Voila.....awesomeness was born!!!

So now I started researching ways to light it. I knew I needed a strobe light and that seemed to be a challenging task. I ended up having a friend refer me to an electrician who was able to construct the strobe circuit for me to the specs I needed. I found some black light flashlights on amazon so I purchased 4 of them. As soon as they arrived I cannibalized them using just the heads. I soldered wire from the flashlight heads to the strobe circuit and was able to have individual flashing sections.

Step 3: Finishing It Up

After all soldering was complete, I cut holes in the front of the cabinet so I could mount the knobs. I ran tubing from the submersible pumps I used in the water reservoirs under the fountain, to the top of the fountain. Small holes were drilled in the center of each flashlight circuit board to insert the end of the water tube so that the water could run and fall into the funnels placed at the bottom of the fountain to catch the water and let it run off into the the reservoirs. Blacklight reactive dye was mixed with the water which produced a nice green glow under the black lights.

Step 4:

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