Introduction: Aquaponics By: Batman or Jack Jones

Hello, I am Jack Jones. I am from South Carolina, and have been tasked with constructing a fully functional aquaponics system. I have, and have now been tasked with making a DYI for you guys. A system like this one should be able to purify water, and develop a working ecosystem for the plants and fish. If these systems are set up around the world they would give people not only a steady food supply, but an infant source of fresh water. So pleas I invite you to attempts and respond to my Instructables.

Step 1: Step 1, Charts and Google Docs

First you are going to create a document, I recommend Google doc. Here you will track the feeding times, and also what ties to shift the water. This optional, but very helpful. By the end of this experiment I will post a link to he charts and docs.

Step 2: Step 2, Shoping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG

You next need to go shopping for the correct supplies I recommend pvc pipe, 2 fish tanks, a pump, and the plants, and fish. This will cost around 100-125$

Step 3: Last Comes Constuction BOI, or Girl Ya Know Gender Neutrality and Stuff

First you are going to need to aline your fish tanks side by side.
Second you are going to need your pvc pipe so you add two separate passages of water (one for dirty and one for clean) make sure they reach the bottom of the tank.
Then add your pump to the pipes so you can transport the water.
Then add you add you sudo-habitat like rocks and stuff.
Finally you add your fish in one tank, and your plants in the other.

Step 4: Celebrate

You have now made a small scale aquaponics tank. Rejoice.

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