Aquarium Stand

Introduction: Aquarium Stand

This is a piece of furniture I made for my apt for my turtles.

Step 1: Framing/Siding

I have left a lot of steps out due to the fact that it done four years ago. You will need to measure the 2x4 framing to the height,width, and depth you want the stand to be. You will then cut the 2x4 into the lengths you need them to be. You will then start screwing the bottom and top rectangles. Once you have the bottom and top framing finished, you will screw the legs onto the base and then the top. Once that is finished, you will screw on some bracing on the top portion. You are now ready to cut and measure the siding. And shelving

Step 2: Trim/Shelf

Here you see all the sides and shelves finished. Her you will screw 2x4 supports for the middle shelf. You will then cut the plywood to fit inside. You will attach it with finish nails. I also have trim. I used 1x4 and I cut them to the same size as the sides so the front can extend to make the trim flush. You will attach the trim with finished nails. Once the nails are in, you will use wood filler to fill in the holes. Once that is dry, you are ready to sand.

Step 3: Staining

Here I stained the whole base. You will need a brush and stain of your choosing. Once the stain is coated you will want to wipe it down.

Step 4: Doors

Here I used 1/4" plywood and 1x2 for the doors. I forgot to take picture of this process. I cut the plywood to fit exactly into the whole. Then I measured for the trim to hang off about 1/2 and inch. Besides the side where the doors meet. Once this was finished, I stained them with the exact same stain as I used for the base. Once everything was dry, I attached two hinges on each door. After I attached the hinge to the door I attached it to the base. Once the door was attached then I drilled holes so the handles can be attached. You will do the same proses with the other door.

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