Arc Reactor Pendant

Introduction: Arc Reactor Pendant

My wife sells jewelry at local markets. I wanted to create my own item to sell. Diffused glowing LEDs behind a PCB with no solder mask cutouts looks awesome. This project uses 2 PCBs, one for LEDs and circuitry and the other for the top that you see. The bottom PCB has the battery holder, circuitry, and LEDs. The 2 pieces are just hot glued together. I had less then a second to get them aligned together before it cooled too much. I created a 3D printed align tool to glue them correctly.

Step 1: How I Made It

I created the shapes in Inkscape and imported the shapes into EasyEDA as various layers including PCB outline. In EasyEDA I assigned a shape as top solder mask layer, then duplicated as a bottom solder mask layer and aligned them together. In EasyEDA if you do this and also keep the copper layer out of this area it creates a fiberglass only area that is translucent and acts as a LED diffuser.

Step 2: Get Your Own

It has 20 blue SMD LEDs and 1 100 Ohm resistor. I used PCB assembly service, that allowed me to make many of them. I used blue colored PCBs You can click on the PCBWay link to order the PCBs or DIY You can buy ones I made on Tindie

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