Introduction: Wearable Arc Reactor Tutorial

Hey guys, I had a movie day the other day which included all 3 of the Iron Man movies, and decided I wanted to create the arc reactor that Tony Stark uses to keep him alive, and uses to power his Iron Man suit. This is my first instructable so please no hate, but constructive criticism would be appreciated :) enjoy!

Step 1: The Outer Ring

First thing you're gonna want to do is find a suitable mold. I used a small plastic tub about 10cm in width and length and a small tin of soup with a measurement of 7cm in width and length. Once you've done that you're going to want to fill in the mold with hot glue and let it dry. Once dry take it out of the mold and get some black electrical tape. Next you'll need to wrap ten separate pieces around the ring. Then get some copper wire (mine was 0.99mm thick) and wrap it around the electrical tape. See pictures for reference.

Step 2: Outer Ring Part 2

The next thing I did on my arc reactor was create the two pieces of wire that goes around the circumference of the outer ring. For this, all I did was get some wire, cut 10 small pieces, and hot glue each one on to the copper wire that goes around the ring. Paint it silver, then do the same for the inner bit of the ring and paint that silver too.

Step 3: The Base of the Arc Reactor

What I did for this piece was very simple. All you need to do is find a suitable mold with a diameter of roughly 7.5mm. I was lucky enough to come across a tin which use to hold a mushy peas magnetic puzzle inside, so I cut this down and filled it with hot glue, let it dry, took it out, and I then had my base for my arc reactor.

Step 4: Copper Wire Core

This step is pretty simple. All I did for this was get some copper wire and wrap it around in circles, then get some red electrical tap and wrap 3 separate pieces around it. The total diameter of my copper ring was roughly 1.8" :)

Step 5: Brass Rings

For some reason I had a lot of keyrings, and this actually turned out to be very helpful. Because that's what I used for my rings on the inside. I got 4 different sized keyrings, sprayed them a brass/gold colour, and stuck them how I think they should go, fairly simple :)

For more accuracy I wanted to add some mesh. For this I got a sieve (you could use actual mesh I just had a hard time finding it plus the sieve was only like £1 and then cut a piece small enough to fit into your smallest ring. Depending on the colour of it you could keep it or paint it. I painted mine because it started out as a whiteish colour.

Step 6: The Inner Ring and Focusing Ring Mount

To begin with you'll want to find some card, mine was black but in the end it didn't matter because I ended up painting it anyway. Find something thing to trace a circle around (or use a compass) the diameter of mine was about 2.1". Cut the piece if card out and you should be left with a full circle. From the outside of it go towards the centre about 1cm in. And draw another circle. Then cut it out, I used a Stanley knife. One again use pictures for reference. Now here comes the tricky part, using a Stanley knife/exacto knife, cut 8 small ovals onto your card, use pictures to see what it should look like, repeat 3 times around the circle. Leaving a gap of 1cm between each section of 8. Tidy it up an paint it whatever colour you want (I chose black) you could choose silver if you wanted. If that seems like too much work or whatever then you could use a drill/dremel tool or use a hole puncher with little rectangles on it if you can get hold of one.

The next thing you'll want to do is to get a can. As shown in the pictures you'll want to cut the top and bottom off and cut down along the length. Then draw 3 little pieces which will fit in between the 3 different sections if the 8 ovals, and then cut them out using scissors or a blade of some sort. Then glue them on in between the sections of 8 ovals, paint them, and that's a bit more done.

Next I got some small bolts (you can have screws or whatever these or just what I had and they seemed easier to work with) then stick each bolt onto each piece of metal on the circle. You could paint it or leave it at what colour it is, it's completely up to you.

Next you'll want to get your can from before, cut out 3 small rectangles, trim them down depending on the size of your focusing ring (see next step) and stick them on an paint them black (if you want)

Step 7: Focusing Ring

For mine I just used a keyring which I thought was an appropriate size, and glued it on to the three tin strips, simple :)

Step 8: Elevation (optional)

Personally I didn't really like how close the black ring was to the base of the arc reactor, so I lifted it up a bit. To do this I got some small cocktail sticks, and cut 4 small pieces about 1.25cm long. I then stuck them in and placed the copper wire coil and the black ring on top.

You should now have an arc reactor :) thanks for looking at this tutorial and good luck if you decide to make one!;D

Step 9: Making It Wearable

This is completely optional but if your like me and would like to actually wear the arc reactor then read on.
This step is actually pretty simple and is quick to do. To make it wearable you'll want to find a belt, preferably one you don't really use/wear anymore. Next you'll want to put the belt around your chest and tighten it, make sure that the metal thing is at the back of you and in the centre. Use a pen to mark a dot on the front of your chest (on the actual belt) this is where the arc reactor will be placed. Next you'll want to take it off, get a hot glue gun, and glue the arc reactor to the dot on the belt, make sure to use enough glue so that it doesn't just fall off. Once dry you'll be able to wear your arc reactor either on top of or under a shirt. Done!:)

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