Introduction: Arcade Cabinet Upcycle

Here I am sharing my first ever upcycle project.
A cabinet for my ps4 and raspberry pi!
A couple of steps are missing as I didnt have a picture but they were only minor parts, screwing on the panel and cutting the hole for cables to run out the back of the monitor area and into the lower cabinet area to the ps4.
Happy to answer any questions:)


Old wooden display cabinet
2.4m skirting board square edged 18mmx150mm
6mm MDF board
Wood glue
Black gloss paint
Sanwa/seimitsu buttons and joystick
Brook fighting board
Crimp connectors
Polycarbonate sheet cut to size from ebay
Artwork printed on glossy paper

Step 1: Find a Cabinet!

I found this cabinet on facebook marketplace and thought...this could work!
Paid £20 for it, saving myself alot of time and money compared to building from scratch. Plus it's a very well made solid wood cabinet. Gut the windows and unscrew the doors and shelves etc

Step 2: Paint!

Choose the colour you want for the main body. I chose gloss black and did it with a roller.

Step 3: Control Panel Frame

For this simple frame I bought some 150mm x 18mm square edged skirting board and measured out 250mm from the front face of the cabinet + the depth of the cabinet. The front was then the width of the cabinet +36mm (18mm extra each side)
I used a super strong wood glue and screws to secure it to the body.

Step 4: MDF Control Panel

Next I cut a piece of mdf using a jigsaw to fit on the top and used a 24mm and 30mm hole saw to cut out my button holes.
I made my own template based on where I wanted the holes positioned but they are 36mm apart.

Step 5: Paint Again!

Next I painted the control panel!

Step 6: Polycarbonate Sheet

I ordered a poly carbonate sheet to the same measurement as my mdf control panel then marked up the holes a drilled again. Polycarbonate sheet is so much easier to work with than acrylic.

Step 7: Artwork for Control Panel

I used a website called pics2posters to print this to roughly the size I needed then placed the plexi on top and used a craft knife to cut out the holes.
Then pushed in my buttons and joystick (all purchased from arcadeworlduk)

Step 8: Top Sign

My friend printed this vinyl on to an acrylic sheet. Very happy with the results!!

Step 9: Wiring

I used a brook fighting board +
Fairly straight forward all labelled and no soldering. Just uses crimp connectors. You can do it!

Step 10: Finished!

27 inch hd monitor
Ps4 and raspberry pi
So happy with the results!