Introduction: Arcade Cabinet

Built custom aluminum frame welding base and then making cold fitted monitor rack and joystick control surfaces.

Step 1: Computer

After striping the shell off a old Mac G4 tower it can be bolted to the frame. Same withte monitor however make sure not to touch the coil as it holds a chrage. In this photo you can see the control surface bolted to the frame as well as the monitor.

Step 2: Wiring

Wire in Jpac controller, LEDs,, speakers, and control surfaces

In this photo you can see the JPAC controller on the inter right side of the case, this unit has leads to all the control surfaces (Joysticks, button) once wired it is USB to the Computer then install the software to map the controls to the MacMame, Rom Emulator

Note the Plexiglass Shell: This is 1/4 frosted Plexi that I bent by putting a piece of steel over and under the sheet then using two heat guns I slowly heated the plexi until it started to give then pushed down to get a good 45 degree angle.

Step 3: Downloading Software

In this photo you can see the unit all put together. The lap top is there just to tranfer sounds, and games.

Step 4: Finished Play Game

Ready to go! Game on.