Introduction: Arcade Fire-Button Doorbell

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You may come into contact with low voltage AC during the wiring phase of this project!!!

Download and print the 2 pieces for this project.

Printed using ABS and about 80 minutes of print time. the entire project took less than 90 minutes to complete!

I chose a 30mm red arcade button from AliExpress but these are also available from eBay and Amazon. The print was designed for this type only.

Yes I did think about adding a sound module... I figured it would take away from the ability to actually hear the doorbell ring. If there is enough interest I can include the .STL for the larger pod to hold the offshore module...

Step 1: Remove and Replace

Remove the old possibly nasty doorbell from the outside of your house.

Feed the wires through and screw the new back plate down. Watch for contact as this is the AC voltage part!

Install the button into the top cover.

Attach the wires to the back of the new button. I soldered mine and used heat shrink on one leg.

Test it first then snap the top cover in place.

That's it... all done

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