Introduction: Arcade Machine From Old Tablet

Today we're gonna do... a arcade machine.


- Tablet

- Micro SD card (min. 8 GB)

- Cardboard

- Two-sided tape

- Wallpaper cutter

- Ruler

- Pencil

- Bluetooth gamepad

Step 1: Frame

Set a 2 cm margin, hen draw a tablet outline and margin like on the photo. Measure the tablet screen frame and draw it, cut it.

Step 2: Back

Redraw the frame like on photo and cut it.

Step 3: Fill

Redraw frame and cut like on the photo. Do it about five or seven times. Glue it togheter.

Step 4: Ending Dock

Glue the back and front. Cut a piece Cut the piece into 5 cm as in the picture.of cardboard with station length and 10 cm. Glue it to back of dock. Cut a piece of cardboard with a length of station and 5 cm, bend 1 cm on both long sides. Glue double-sided tape on the bent elements. Glue as on the picture. Slide the tablet into the dock, it should look like a picture.

Step 5: Setuping

Download the games and emulators from the links below :

NES - Download Emulator - Download

SNES - Download Emulator - Download

GameBoy - Download Emulator - Download

GameBoy Color - Download Emulator - Download

Game Gear - Download Emulator - Download

GameBoy Advance - Download Emulator - Download

Unpack games and copy to SD card, instert the card to the tablet.

Connect the gamepad.

Step 6: Enjoy

Congratulations! You just made an arcade machine. If you want more games or other systems, you can find them on the internet. Enjoy!

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