Arcade Stick Custom Build Simple DIY




Introduction: Arcade Stick Custom Build Simple DIY


This instructable will show how to make a custom arcade stick with off the shelf parts. It won't require any power tools or woodworking knowledge.

Here are the items you'll need:

Case/control panel
USB encoder
8x 30mm buttons
1x joystick

Step 1: Parts (enclosure)

The key to this simple DIY is the premade arcade enclosure. You can pick one up for about $20. This particular enclosure has a thick acrylic panel which is nice.

Arcade case & acrylic panel

Step 2: Parts (USB Encoder)

A USB encoder is also needed to interface with your PC/Raspberry Pi/video game console. This encoder is a zero delay encoder and doesn't require any soldering. It's modular and plugs to your buttons with the included wire quick disconnects.

Arcade USB encoder only

Step 3: Parts (Buttons and Joystick)

You'll need (8) 30mm push buttons and a joystick. If quality matters then stick to Sanwa buttons and joystick but it'll bump up the costs. You can buy a kit with USB encoder, buttons, joysticks, and wiring for about $20.

Arcade USB encoder/buttons/joystick kits

12 Piece Original Sanwa OBSF-30 30mm Push Buttons

SANWA JLF joystick

Step 4: Custom Artwork (optional)

This step is optional and will add some complexity to this build. If you want to add your own artwork, you'll need something to sandwich your artwork. Using plexiglass or lexan will require power tools to drill and cut the holes. Instead you can use an IKEA picture frame (FISKBO) and take the thin clear layer as an alternative.

IKEA Fiskbo Frame 16x20"

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    Question 2 years ago

    Just wondering if this would work on the nintendo Switch? I'm planning on making an arcade cabinet with a built in switch dock