Arcade Coffee Table (Work in Progress)

Introduction: Arcade Coffee Table (Work in Progress)

/!\ Work In Progress /!\ More Pictures and comments soon

Since I was a kid, I promised to myself : "when you will have your own home you will have an arcade cabinet !" (I bet I'm not the only one who said this). Today, I grew up, I have my own home since a couple of months so where is my arcade cabinet ? I like the DIY and I don't want a real arcade cabinet which takes a lot of place in an apartment. So, I took my toolbox and I decided to make an arcade coffee table.

Step 1: The Material

What I used :

- Ikea Lack table
- Computer screen
- Buttons & Joysticks
- Plexiglas
- Tools : screwdrivers, jigsaw, dremel...
- Accessories : wood drills, duct tape, screws, measuring tape...
- Old laptop

Step 2: Cut the Table !

Are you ready ? Here we go !

Step 3: Screen, Buttons & Joysticks

Step 4: Wires, Wires and Wires

More soon...

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I am currently building one myself, Look forward to seeing how yours tunrs out. I am trying to make the controls a separate entity that can be stored in the table and removed as needed. (so you can still use the table) Good luck with it all !


    8 years ago

    That looks awesome!