Introduction: Tiny House (Arch) for Homeless People

Hi everybuddy,

This is a test of a simple arch design to make small and minimalist emergency houses for homeless people and fugees ...

The concept is doing better than a simple tent to prevent health disease or unfortunately death by cold ... increasing comfort.

Should be light enought to be moved without heavy vehicle, unmountable (or better foldable) and insulated, waterproof. It also may use to build a greenhouse

Technical characteristics :

- Dimensions : 4x2 m (8m²) and 2 m height (max)

- Insulated with 40mm styrofoam

- Wood section : 27x40 mm

- Weight around 45~50 kg

- Costs < 250€ ~300$ less if it's 2nd use materials ;)

See all details in the sketchup 3D model.

Don't have enought time to make complete tutorial, but hope soon ... so hope this inspire you :)

If you have some question or advices, don't hesitate to comment or send me message.

Here is the facebook page to follow the project :

Easy to build, easy to move, easy to deploy and unexpensive. It's an EEE Arch ^^
Thanks for all people who help me on this challenge, and thank you for making this arch ...