Introduction: Archery VR 2.0

This instructable will be expanding on my previous one In this instructable I will show you how to add sound, teleportation, how to create a test build in Unity, and how to connect a VR headset to your computer.

Step 1: Materials Needed

The first program needed is Unity: Unity is a game development software

The second thing needed is Steam VR: Steam VR is a asset used by Unity to add VR codes to Unity

The third program you will need is Steam: Steam is a program that lets you download and play games.

The fourth item needed is a computer that is strong enough to run a VR headset. Use this link to check

The final item you will need is a VR headset. I used the Oculus Rift.

Step 2: Adding Sound Effects

The first step is to find the Audio file you wish to use. I chose a file from the Steam VR library called ArrowAir01. You can also use a sound clip from outside of Steam VR.

Step 3: Adding Audio Listener and Audio Source

Under the item you want to add the sound to, click add component and type in Audio Listener. After you add the Audio Listener go back to add component and type Audio source.

Now go to Audio Source and input the mp3 file you chose.

Step 4: How to Set Up an Oculus Rift Headset

Step 5: How to Add Teleportation Movement to Unity

To add the Teleport Prefab [1] go to the Asset manager window as shown in the second picture. [2] go under Steam VR and [3]under InteractionSystem [4]go to Teleportation [5] go to prefabs and [6]drag the prefabs over to your project Hierarchy shown in the first picture.

Step 6: How to Create a Test Build

Step 7: Recap