Introduction: ArduMower Do It Yourself Robotic Mower!

Everyone knows them, some already have one: a robotic mower! You can purchase them, sometimes they are ‘intelligent’, sometimes they are simply silly. Very often, they are missing an important piece: adding your own ideas to the robot’s ‘brain’. That’s the idea of this project (’Ardumower’): Making a new ‘brain’ available for every robot mower in the universe!

In the following robot lawn mowers, 'Ardumower' has been used successfully already:

Ambrogio L50 (with Ardumower board)
Rotenbach SPM08-320 (with Ardumower board)
Tianchen TC-G158 (with original Tianchen board)
“Sven's Mäh-Roboter” (with “DFRduino Romeo-All in one” board)
Robomow RL500 (with DIY board)

Ardumower operates in a 'Rotenbach SPM08-320' (Video link):


Handy Controll

At first it was just ideas for the selection of electronic components for a simple, modular robot mower system including motor driver, sensors and microcontroller. Meanwhile, the project has developed a universal control software which can you can adapt to your own mower robot. There is also a forum available where you can input your own ideas/suggestions and download the Arduino software.

Objectives of the project:

low-cost, ready-made components (amount < 50 EUR), replacable (à la RC model: stick together receiver, controller, motor, servo !)
Little soldering - easy programming
only the minimum of components (keep it simple!)
detailed instructions for building
offering a construction kit (ready 'Ardumower-kits') with all modules, components etc. for purchasing
Arduino-Code for download
Finding a producer for a robot chassis ('Ardumower' chassis)

Questions/help for building/Ideas?
We are sure you have questions (and we are already waiting for them) - we will help you in a professional manner in the Forum

New Video :)

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