Arduboy Clone With Arduino Nano and I2C Oled Display




Introduction: Arduboy Clone With Arduino Nano and I2C Oled Display

A cheap version of the Arduboy clone with which you can play a number of original Arduboy games.

Step 1: Process of Production and Demonstration of Functionality

Arduboy is a miniature game system the size of a credit card. It comes installed with a classic 8-bit game and can be reprogrammed from a library of open source games available online. Arduboy is open source so you can learn to code and create your own games.The original version is based on ATmega 32u4 microcontroller and 128x64 Pixels serial Oled display.

The console whose construction is represented below is made up of Arduino Nano and the I2C version of the oled display which can be much easier to find at a lower price. You can download the necessary libraries and code at:

Step 2: 3D Printed Parts

If you own a 3D printer, you can also download .stl files of a possible box option in which the console is installed. A detailed installation guide is available on the same site . I am power an Arduino Nano with one lithium-ion battery of 3.7v and it works quite well.

Step 3: Games and Schematic

I tested many games on this console that function great:







and many more...

As an example, I am presenting the code to ArduBreakout game, but you can download any other game on the Arduboy's site compatible with this version of console.

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Question 3 years ago

Hello and thank you for this Instructable.
It looks like a really neat little project, however I cannot get the Arduino IDE to compile the code.
I am continually getting: "Error compiling for board Arduino Nano"
Trolling through the verbose error messages, I am seeing a lot of objects undeclared in the arduboy2 library. I have tried reinstalling the library from various sources, however I still cannot get any of the above ArduBreakout, or any other Arduboy code to compile for Nano.
Has anyone else had these problems and found a workable solution to loading this code to a Nano?
Any additional guidance would be hugely appreciated.


Answer 3 years ago

did you changed to the old bootloader?
i had the same problem!
after that, the more compatible one worked!
best regards and much success