Introduction: Arduino 3D Printed Robot: Humbot Sargantana


This is my first instructable, I hope you like it!

I designed and programmed an Arduino based robot. It is completely open source under CC-BY-SA. If you like robots, you have to try this one. I offer three different programs but, the design allows several different functions, so it's up to you to think about new functions for the Humbot S, possibilities are endless!

I love the maker movement and wanted to give something in return to this world that has given me lots of things. That is what makit and this robot is for ;)

This robot can be used as educational tool or to enter the world of robotics!

You can check for more details.

Here you can see some pictures of the final aspect, let's start!

UPDATE: added bluetooth control app for Android! Check it out at

Step 1: Gather All You Need

You'll need a 3D printer (or access to one) to print some plastic parts. You can go with single color or combine colors as you wish.

You can find the stl files here: Pinshape

You'll also need some electronics:

  • Arduino UNO board (or compatible)
  • 2x continuous rotation servos
  • RGB led module for arduino
  • SR-04 ultrasonic sensor
  • 4x dupont cables
  • Battery holder (6xAA)
  • 14x M3x12mm screws
  • 3x M3x30mm screws
  • 3x M3x40mm screws
  • 20x M3 nuts
  • Omni wheel
  • 2x Rubber tires (o-ring)
  • Optional: touch sensor, RGB led module, potentiometer, bluetooth HC-05 and extra cables. These can be used to add extra functionalities to your Humbot.

That was for the avoid obstacles function, if you want to program another one, you'll need (in addition to basic robot):

Line follower:

  • 3x IR line tracker
  • 3x triple dupont cable
  • 3x M3x12 screws and nuts

Light follower:

  • 2x LDR light sensor
  • 6x dupont cables
  • 2 M3x12 screws and nuts


In addition, you'll only need a screwdriver.

Step 2: Assemble

Follow the assembly instructions or the assembly video ;)

Step 3: Arduino Code

Download the Arduino code for the different programs from here.

You can also check makitpro's github where we will be uploading more programs and functions

I give you these programs to make it easy for you to play with the robot but I encourage you to modify it and try new things. You can modify every line of the code but there are some lines that are easier to change. You will see that these zones are surrounded by several hashtags (########################) and EASY MODIFICATION ZONE text.

You can follow this quick guide to program your Humbot. If you have problems watching this content follow this link

Step 4: Connections

Follow the connection instructions depending on the sensors you are using.

Step 5: Play Time and Specs

Now it's time you play with it!

Here you can watch a video of Humbot S and some pictures of different printed colors.

Humbot Sargantana in action

Specs and improvements

Humbot S is designed to be cool, functional and practical.

Here you have some specs:

    • The crest can go up just removing the battery clip to facilitate the connections.
    • When the crest is down, it serves as a holder for easy transport.
    • The head lets you mount almost any Arduino sensor module there is, so you can change the behavior of the robot.
    • Under the tail, there is a space where you can attach a micro servo.
    • You can also put some RGB leds in the head that simulate eyes.
    • You can print other wheels, crest, etc

    I'm sure you can think of more functions to add to your Humbot. In fact, I am now developing an Android app so you can control it over bluetooth, isn't it awesome? When it's ready, I will post it here.

    UPDATE: Android app is ready and working! Check it out at

    I hope to see some pictures of your version of the robots in action ;)

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