Introduction: Arduino 3D Printed WiFi NeoPixel LED Mask

Arduino 3D Printed WiFi NeoPixel LED Mask.

Control it from your phone via a web browser or infrared remote control.

For masquerade // carnival

Step 1: Printing the Mask

This mask is based on the great design from Austin Spafford:

But we will use the cut version from mateo03 :

First is to lay flat the mask, after that, you should modify the dimension to fit your face.. in my case, I increased the size by 12%

In order to have a good light diffusion, keep wall thin, and do use an infill over 10%

Step 2: Electronics


  1. ESP8266 (I used an WEMOS D1 mini)
  2. 1m / 60 x NeoPixel Digital RGB LED Strip (only 26 leds)
  3. level shifters (Bi-Directional Logic Level Converter)
  4. Mobile power bank (to power the ESP8266 trough the USB)

We will power the LED strip, directly from the 5V of the ESP8266 board, the control pin, must be connected trough a level shifters, in theory we need a capacitor, but if the wire from the Wemos to the led strip, isn't long, it is not necessary.

Step 3: Installation of the Led Strip and the Software

To glue the led strip to the mask, I used double sided tape, on each vertices you have to cut the strip, and solder few wires.

To make it more conformable, I recommend, to add a cover of duct tape.

Regarding the Software, I used the incredible FastLED + ESP8266 Web Serverfrom Jason Coon, it allow to control the LED strip with an ESP8266 via a web browser or infrared remote control, on the following link, you will find the software and the guide to install it on the Wemos.

WARNING: About 3% of people with epilepsy, exposure to flashing lights at certain intensities or to certain visual patterns can trigger seizures.

To minimize light leaking into your eyes causing flares in your vision, use a dark opaque material such as electrical tape or black paining to black out the eyes.