Introduction: Arduino 433Rx Receive

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  • This project will allow you to receive a string from the Arduino 433 Transmitter (which is covered in the instructable: For this project you will use a scratch-like program called Arduino-Blockly and you will use male connectors to wire the project together..

Step 1: Create the Blockly Diagram

From the toolbox/ArduinoSetup , drag the setup/loop block to the main canvas

From the toolbox/Logic, drag the if do to the main canvas

Create if statement to compare the received value as a string.

From the toolbox/RF drag the receive char box to main canvas

From the toolbox/Text drag the print box to the main canvas.

Now assemble the pieces to perform this logic in the main loop:

if ReceivedChar on input pin 11 equals "hello" print: "Got a hello"

The diagram should look similar to the above diagram.

Now in blockly click on Arduino "Copy to Clipboard". This will copy the arduino sketch into the clipboard

Step 2: Paste the Arduino Code Into the IDE

Open the Arduino IDE and select File New to create a new sketch.

Press Cntl-A to select all the current text and then Cntl-V to paste the clipboard contents into the sketch.

You should see something like the image above.

Select Sketch compile to see if the sketch compiles correctly. If it does not compile, this is usually because the RoboticsLibrary has not been placed in the Arduino libraries directory.

To find out the location of your Arduino libraries directory, select File, Preferences in the Arduino IDE and note the sketch location. This directory should contain your sketches as well as the libraries directory. The Robotics Library from should be located there.

Once the sketch compiles, connect the Nano which you can obtain on line or from me ($8 and in Tools select the port for the nano and Board Nano. Then press upload. This will load the sketch on the nano.

To wire the receiver, connect the data pin on the receiver to D11 on the nano, and connect + on the receiver to 5V on the Nano and - on the receiver to GND on the nano.

Now select tools, Serial Monitor and the sketch should show "Ready". When the transmitter (which is a different instructable) transmits its string you should see "Got a Hello" in the serial monitor.