Introduction: Arduino 5X3 LED Matrix to Run Alphabets

Hi Guys,

I have made an LED matrix to Run Alphabets A-Z in a loop.

It was a 3x5 LED matrix and controlled by an Arduino nano programming board.

Check out the steps and also the DIY video below.

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Step 1: Things You Need

1. LED s (15)

2. 330 ohm resistors (15)

3. Dot board (copper)

4. Arduino board

5. Jumper wires

6. Soldering iron, hot gun etc.

Step 2: Fixing LEDs and Resistors

- You have to arrange the LEDs in a 5X3 manner.

That means 5 Rows and 3 Columns.

Fix the LEDs in such a way in the holes of the dot board and solder them using bout/soldering iron.

- Please remember we are going to connect a resistor to the negative terminal of each of the LEDs and we are going to common ground them.

- Now connect a 330 Ohm resistor to each of the LED's negative terminal. You will use 15 resistors for this purpose.

- Once they are soldered, Bring all the other 15 terminals (the terminal of the resistor that is not connected with LED) to one point, connect, and solder them together.

- Now Connect a jumper wire to the common ground point of the resistors (that we created in the above step) and connect the jumper wire to the Arduino's Ground Pin.

Now we have successfully Grounded all the LED negative Pins.

- Let's connect the Positive terminals to the respective Arduino Pins.

Check out the video for more clarification:

Step 3: Connection With Arduino

- Please connect the positive terminals of the LEDs (with Arduino) as mentioned below. Use Jumper wires for the purpose.:

- The LEDs are named according to the arrangement from Top to Bottom. For example, The LED on the top position of the Left Column (top left LED) is called L1.

- The next LED, the second LED in the column is called L2. Like wise we go upto L5 (since 5 rows are in the column).

- Like wise, the second column (middle column) LEDs are named M1...M5.

- Right side column LEDs are named as R1...R5.

Now Let's see the connections with Arduino Pins (The pins are digital, the pins mentioned as 'A' are analog pins):

L1 =2 M1 =3 R1 =4

L2 =5 M2 =6 R2 =7

L3 =8 M3 =9 R3 =10

L4 =11 M4 =12 R4 =13

L5 =A0 M5 =A1 R5 =A2

Step 4: Upload Coding

Please find the coding below:

Upload the coding!!!

And see your LED matrix is Running alphabets A-Z in a loop!!!!

For a more detailed DIY experience, check out the video I have made on the same topic:

Good Luck!!!