Introduction: Arduino 7 Segment Clock

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This instructable will show you how to make the Arduino 7 segment clock.

accuracy sucks though!

so I just made this for programming and for fun.

if you want to make a serious clock you can use rtc module which will keep a record of the time.

you can use premade 4 seven-segment display if you not comfortable with complex wiring which can significantly reduce the chance of loose connection and improper display output.

one push button is to increase the hour and another one is to increase minute by one.



Arduino(mine nano)

4 seven-segment display

2 push button

2 led

4 one-Kohm resistor

one current limiting resistor (220ohm)

some hookup wire

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Step 1: Multiplexing 4 Seven-segment Display

connect all corresponding pin of each 7-seg to each other to multiplex the display in the given order in above images.

Step 2: Connecting 7 Segment Display to Arduino

Connect all terminals of the 7-segment display to the digital pin of Arduino according to this scheme.

A –digital pin 2

B – digital pin 3

C –digital pin 4

D –digital pin 5

E – digital pin 6

F –digital pin 7

G –digital pin 8

DP –digital pin 9.

Connect all common pin to digital pin of Arduino through 1K ohm resistor

D1 –digital pin 10

D2 –digital pin 11

D3 –digital pin 12

D4 – digital pin 13

Step 3: Connecting Seconds Led and Adjust Button

Ground one terminal of push-button and cathode of the LED.

Connect the adjacent terminal to A0 and A1 respectively.

LED anode to A3.

Step 4: Code

Download 7 segment display library first from the link given below from Github and extracrt it into Arduino ide library folder

seven-segment library

upload code to your Arduino

you can alter the code according to yourselves.