Arduino ATTINY45 Water Level Sensor

Introduction: Arduino ATTINY45 Water Level Sensor

This Water Level Sensor uses an ATTINY45 microcontroller to sense water level in a tank and flashes LEDs to indicate the level of water in the tank.

The embedded video is self explanatory and I'm just using this instructable to upload the Arduino code and the Fritzing sketch that includes the breadboard layout and the PCB design.

The sensor uses an LM 7805 voltage regulator to reduce the 9V battery to 5V for the microcontroller. ATTINY45 analog pins A1, A2 and A3 are used to sense the voltage caused due to presence of water between the pin and the +5V line. Pins 1 and 2 are digital pins and are connected to the signalling LEDs.

Step 1:

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    Could you share some more detail in the text. Videos can be more difficult for mobile users to view.


    Reply 2 years ago

    Yes, Of course I can include more details.....sorry I was in a hurry to upload this for someone and didnt have time to do a full write-up. Can you tell me what exactly you are finding difficult to follow?