Introduction: Arduino Agv With Infared Sensors Powered by Wind

This is a application of arduino.We make a line-following toy car,using the wind for thrusting.The car can turn and go straight along the line.Our motivation is eager to catch on the train trend that AGV is becoming more an more popular. It is a basic level of AGV,and is also a commencement of our future work.

Step 1: All Material Needed

Servo Motor

Brushless motor ESC

Arduino UNO

紅外線避障模組IR sensor*5




Jumper wires

Step 2: Setup

Connect a red wire from the 5V pin on the Arduino to the positive channel of the breadboard.

Connect a black wire from the GND pin on the arduino to the negative channel of the breadboard

IR sensor pin

dRR (最右側IR腳位) = pin 8
dR (右側IR腳位)=pin 6

dM (中間IR腳位 )=pin11

dL (左側IR腳位 )=pin1

dLL (最左側IR腳位)=pin 5

servo_pin = pin 10

ESC控制訊號 = pin 9

Step 3: Create the Chassis and the Steering Wheels

1. The servo motor ,Arduino,ESC,battery,,breadboard,attach to the chassis.

2.The servo motor attach to the linkage mechanism linking two front wheels for changing direction.

Step 4: About the ESC and the Dc Motor

The ESC is used to control the speed of the brushless DC motor,and is connected to brushless DC motor,11.1V -battery,and arduino with pin 9.However,there is no need to connect the 5v on the arduino,because it is powered by the more powerful battery.

Step 5: About the Fan

Using 3D printer to create a fan as the source of thrusting power is quite easy and efficient.Remember to create a hole of 3mm diameter on the axis.And then hook it up to the dc motor.

Step 6: Copy the Code and Install the Arduino Libraries

Open the new Arduino IDE page and Delete everything on the page

Get the code and Paste empty Arduino IDE page.

We set up a lot of cases in advance so that if the IR sensors meet the case,the car can do the accurate motion as we wish.