Introduction: Arduino Alarm

How to construct an alarm clock with dynamic ringtone time?

Step 1: Get Your Arduino Board Ready

Step 2: Connect the Circuit of the Keypad As Reference

Step 3: Add an LCD Monitor

The LCD monitor acts as a GUI

Remember to download the library for LCD

Step 4: Add the Microphone Module

The microphone is to detect the surrounding of the target when asleep

Step 5: SD Card

The SD card is to save the ringtone

Please go to the speaker part in step 6

Step 6: The Speaker

Try to use a better speaker than this one

To play music from SD card, please do through the reference:

library used:

Step 7: WIFI Module

The Wifi module uploads data collected by the sensors and time to perform further analysis

Step 8: Clock

The clock is of course essential for alarm

Step 9: Finished!!

Upload the code to Arduino board and finish!