Introduction: Arduino Alarm Clock


Hi all, In this instructable, I'm gonna show you how to make a Alarm Clock using Arduino Board. I have used Arduino UNO, 16x2 Character LCD, DS1307 RTC Module, 3x push buttons, 5V Buzzer, Breadboard and Jumper Wires to build this clock. you can see the date, and time on the display and able to set date, time and alarm. The buzzer rings the alarm when current time equals to pre set alarm time. you also able to turn off the alarm and use this as a normal clock. not only them, but also you can set the alarm ringing time and alarm pattern. when the alarm rings, you also able to stop it. All right, Lets move to the part list which we need to build this.

Step 1: Part List.

  • Arduino UNO (MEGA, NANO etc)
  • 16x2 Character LCD
  • DS1307 RTC Module
  • 3x Push Buttons
  • 5V Buzzer
  • Bread Board & Jumper Wire Kit

Step 2: Wiring

Fallow the wiring diagram to wire your parts together correctly.

check If all the things are OK...

LCD to Arduino

  • RS >> D12
  • E >> D11
  • D4 >> D5
  • D5 >> D4
  • D6 >> D3
  • D7 >> D2

RTC to Arduino

  • SCL >> A5
  • SDA >> A4

Step 3: Code

Download this code and upload it to your Arduino Board. Before that you will need to install fallowing libraries to your Arduino IDE.

Step 4: Test

After uploading the code, LCD will show a Wrong date and time. It means you need to set the Date and time. also remind to Turn OFF or Set the alarm. if not, It will ring at an unexpected time! You can use UP, OK, DOWN push buttons to navigate trough each menu and set date, time and alarm. once you set the alarm, it will save on the EEPROM of your Arduino. Therefore It never lost if you power off your Alarm Clock.

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