Introduction: Arduino Alarm Clock With Human Detection

This is an Arduino project based on an alarm clock tha can detect if somebody is on bed or not, this it's possible by a resistive sensor placed under the mattres that can detect if somebody is over the mattres or not by the difference of pressure applied to sensor. This clock is for you not fall asleep in bed when the alarm sounds. Because this clock doesn't stop until you get out the bed then you can't continue sleeping on bed. It's useful for late risers.

Step 1: Assembly List

  • LED x1
  • Arduino x1
  • DS1307 RTC module or equivalent x1
  • 10kΩ Resistor x1
  • 220Ω Resistor x1
  • Resistive sensor x1
  • Loudspeaker x1

Step 2: Assembly

This is a breadboard montage and schematic diagram.

Step 3: DIY Tutorial

First of all you must set up tour RTC module for configure date and time. For this task we need download a library created by my friend Giltesa from here (check this link if you want download other version of the library). After you need open 'ex1_clock_configuration.ino' and in line 56 you have to set the date and time and charge the code to Arduino board, you can check whether you have set the date and time correctly opening the serial terminal.

You have 2 files to see if the resistive sensor and speaker working properly. ('prueba_sonido_alarma_despertador.ino' and 'test_sensor_resistivo.ino'). After mounting and set your alarm clock put the resistive sensor under your mattres, the alarm is not deactivated until you get out of bed.

For the other files that you going to need check my project on GitHub