Introduction: Arduino Alarm Clock With Temperature Sensor

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Arduino is very easy and cheap micro controller. and vary easy to control it.

So what you will expect in this project...

  • we will use RTC so accurate time
  • alarm settings which is loud enough to wake up you
  • room temperature

if you want to watch video click here

so let get started.......

Step 1: So First What You Need..

Here is the list of components we will use it..

for electronics

  • Arduino pro mini (you can use other versions of arduino)
  • 16x2 lcd i2c module (if you use without i2c you need to change the code little bit)
  • DS1302 RTC module
  • Buzzer
  • some tactile switches (4 quantities) i use bigger size.
  • 1K resistors (4 quantities)
  • and also battery (i use 18650)
  • battery charge circuit (i didn't use but i use homemade battery full charge indicator for that click here)
  • and yes of course some wires for connection

now for casing

I use waste materials like old scanner plastic body and old jeans pant fabric.

you can use any materials like wood, 3D print or anything....

some other tools

  • soldering iron
  • glue gun
  • cutter
  • glue (i use wood glue for sticking jeans to body)

Step 2: Clock Circuit

so first make all connection in brad board to check all working well or not...

so here is the circuit diagram

for library click here

here is the code....

Step 3: Now Lets Make Case for It

now for case i use old scanner plastic body.

cut is as show in drawing. i took random rectangle shape.

now after cut it make some holes and cuts for buttons and power pin and lcd.

then after complete this now for give some good look stick jeans fabric on it. you can use spry paint in it

and let it dry...

Step 4: Finishing It

now after body is complete arrange all components in it.

by using glue gun fix all components in right place.

and make all connection according to circuit diagram using some loose wires...

Step 5: Done

then pack all the body

it's done .......

Use your homemade alarm clock.....😊

if you have any kind of problem comment it....

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