Arduino Alcohol Concentration Meter

Introduction: Arduino Alcohol Concentration Meter

Hi, today I am going to show you how to make an Arduino alcohol concentration meter yourself.

Like my last project, I am sorry about my English.

This instructable I had translated from:

I had the agreement of the author, if you want to learn more, go to the link above.

OK, let's start right now.

Step 1: Prepare Materials

Here is what you need:

  1. An Arduino Uno R3.
  2. A module MQ3.
  3. A spring.
  4. A piece of plastic (thin and hard one).
  5. 2 LED light (1 red and 1 green).
  6. A water pipe (fit to your mouth).
  7. Ultra Fire battery.

Step 2: Wire Connection

You connect like this photograph, connect the green LED with pin number 12 and the red one with pin number 13.

But note: you must replace the ones shown above BUTTON springs mounted with a thin piece of plastic and put into tube or bottle to his mouth when we blow air in and push the springs move closer and touch the bar iron like we're pressing, why do so? Because to make sure you have gas blowing into the sensor.

The springs and their iron segments do this, you take a piece of noise on the sensor to glue the candle around for several opaque sealed and have three holes when blowing air to escape.

Step 3: Program Arduino Code

You copy and paste this:

int mq3 = A0;
int button = 11;

void setup()



pinMode(button, INPUT);

pinMode(mq3, INPUT);

pinMode(12, OUTPUT);

pinMode(13, OUTPUT);


void loop()


int status_mq3 = analogRead(mq3);

int status_button = digitalRead(button);

if ((status_button == HIGH ) && (status_mq3 < 100 ))


digitalWrite(12, HIGH);




if ((status_button == HIGH) && ( status_mq3 > 100 ))


digitalWrite(13, HIGH);






Good luck !!!

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