Introduction: Arduino Atari Synth

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A DIY version of Atari Punk Synth

Step 1: STEP 1 (watch the Video First in Order to Understand the Built Process)

Step 2: STEP 2 (actual Built Starts From Here)

I wanted to make a Synth that resembles the great "Atari Punk Synth" from the 1980s. APS usually was based on 556 dual timer IC but in this version, I have used an ATmega328PU on a minimal config and some pots in order to replicate the so-called "Sound Synthesizer."

So I designed a suitable body which can house 5 Pots and speaker along with electronics components in Fusion360.

Material Required-----

1- Arduino (any Arduino will work, I just got fancier and made this whole thing with a minimal Arduino Setup but a pro mini or nano will do just fine. I recommend Pro mini)

2- Potentiometer x 5

3- 8Ohm Speaker x 1

4- Female audio jack (this is for an additional tweak which is not included in the video)

5- wires as per required

6- 3D printed body

Step 3: "let's Start Assemble Everything Together"

So the first step is to fix the Pots onto the body.





..... i don't think fitting pots on body would need any more detail than this..

Second step is to wire pots with the circuit according to the wiring scheme.

  • connect all the postive and negative terminal of pots together (connect VCC and GND of all pots in parallel)
  • now connect the middle terminal of each pot to A0, A1, A2, A3, A4 respectively.
  • Connect the speaker +ve to D9 and -ve to GND of arduino.

Step 4: Install Mozzi Library and Upload Given Code.

The main part of the heart of this project is the Mozzi Library here's the link for downloading it. mozzi library

upload the sketch to your arduino and if wiring is alright, your setup will more or less work.

just kidding, it will work (use same value pots)

Step 5: Additional Hack

So at this point where everything is working, you might be wondering why the heck is this thing so damn quite.

this is because we are using an arduino, not an Audio amp IC here.


you can add an Female Audio Jack with Digital Pin 9 of arduino according to given scheme and connect this with an external speaker.

PS, this setup is perfect if you want to annoy your neighbors, parents, kids or your cats.


well yes, if you have any problems, just comment. will try to solve it :)