Arduino Base

Introduction: Arduino Base

I was experimenting with my Arduino, and became worried about accidentally making contact with the back of the board. I looked up "Arduino Base" for purchase and realized I had everything I needed to build my own.


full breadboard

6V, 4AA battery pack

acrylic board, 6" by 7½"

4× tiny nuts

4× ¾" bolts

4× ½" spacers

double-sided tape

4× rubber feet

Step 1: Prepare the Board

Cut the acrylic board to size and sand the edges and corners. Use the Arduino as a template to mark and drill holes.

Step 2: Attach the Pieces

Attach the Arduino to the board with the bolts, using the ½" spacers to lift it off the surface of the acrylic board. I put the nuts on the back. I would have preferred plastic spacers, but I only had aluminum ones.

Peel the backing off the breadboard and affix it in place.

Use double-sided tape to affix the battery pack. My pack even had an on/off switch which is quite handy.

Finally, put rubber feet on the back of the board to prevent slippage and to prevent the nuts from contacting your work surface.

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