Introduction: Arduino Based Digital Door Lock Using GSM and Bluetooth


Think about the situation you came to home fully tired and found that you lost your door key. What will you do? You have to either break your lock or have to call a key mechanic .So, making a keyless lock is an intresting idea to save from such kind of trouble. It has advantage that you don't have to keep your key with yourself all the time. Also it enhances the security of home.

The project consist of three subsystem- one is use of bluetooth module for opening and closing of door .Second is use of GSM module for doing the same operation on door and third for changing the password of lock remotely using phone whenever is required from anyplace.

Step 1: Components Required:

1- Atmega 328P microcontroller

2- Bluetooth module

3-GSM module

4-L293D motor driver IC

5-DC motor



8- LCD

Step 2: Code:

Step 3: PCB Designing:

The software, which i have used in making PCB for my project is ' DIPTRACE '.

Step 4: Conclusion:

In the project ,instead of using DC motor we can also use stepper motor or servo motor according to desired condition . Also it can be modified according to requirement. There will be no need to keep a bunch of keys with youself. This Lock can be also used in safe locker.