Arduino-Based IR Translator (SONY)

Introduction: Arduino-Based IR Translator (SONY)

This arduino project utilizes the Arduino Uno board to record IR signals and translate from one signal to another. The result is a module that converts any remote into a universal remote.

Materials Needed:

- 1 Arduino UNO

- 1 IR receiver module

- 1 IR diode (940nm)

- 2 LEDs (Red, Green)

- 1 Momentary Push button

- 4 Resistors ( (3) 220ohm, (1)10kohm )

- Wires

*Current version only supports SONY output signals. Any input may still be used.

Step 1: Connect IR Modules

Connect the IR sender LED:

- (+) leg to digital pin 3 on Arduino (native pin for IR output)

- (-) leg with a 220ohm (not shown in diagram) resistor to Ground

Connect IR receiver Module:

- pin0 connects to Ground (left)

- pin1 connects to Power (middle)

- pin2 connects to digital pin 11 on arduino (right)

Step 2: Connect Button

Connect Button:

- Bottom right pin connects to Ground

- Bottom left pin connects to Power

- Top right pin connects to digital pin 8 on arduino

Step 3: Connect LEDs

Connect the red LED:

- (+) leg to digital pin 9 on Arduino (native pin for IR output)

- (-) leg with a 220ohm resistor to Ground

Connect the green LED:
- (+) leg to digital pin 10 on Arduino (native pin for IR output)

- (-) leg with a 220ohm resistor to Ground

Step 4: Wire Power and Ground

- Wire together the Power and Ground Rails on bread board

- Wire the Power and Ground rails on board to Arduino +5 and Gnd pins

Step 5: Code

Upload the code to Arduino.


Sony IR protocol uses a signal burst of 3 repeated codes with a delay of 10ms between each code

The current Sony signal output uses 20 bit codes. Modify program-code to change the bits.

- Ex. irsend.sendSony(code, 20); CHANGE TO irsend.sendSony(code,12);

- Use example IRDumpv2 code to read code specs

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