Introduction: Arduino Based Non Contact Infrared Thermometer | IR Based Thermometer Using Arduino

Hi guys in this instructables we will make a non contact Thermometer using arduino.

Since sometimes the temperature of the liquid/solid is way too high or way to low and then its hard to make contact with it and read its temperature then in that scenario we will need a temperature sensor which can tell the temperature without even touching the object and that kind of temperature sensor / Thermometer is called as non contact Thermometer. It will have a IR led which can detect the temperature from a distance from the object and you or the sensor don't have to have contact with the object.

Step 1: Things You Need

Step 2: Schmatics

Please follow the shown schmatics and everything will work fine , if you want you can add resistors to sda & scl pin if you want. But the above circuit is prepared to keep it simple.

Step 3: Code

Please download the following code & Upload it to your arduino board.

Step 4: Testing the Non Contact Sensor

So after connecting everything together & uploading the code to arduino uno , its time to test our non contact Thermometer. As you can See it is showing by default my room temperature 30°c and if i put a very cold jar which i took out of freezer and you can see its temperature is 0°C and after that it is 2°C. And to test something hot i boiled some water and put it in a metal glass and you can see the temperature of glass as 58°C. So it looks like our non contact Thermometer is working fine and we read the temperature of objects without even making sensor in contact with the object, so have fun making your non contact Thermometer.