Arduino Based Wireless Water Level Indicator




Introduction: Arduino Based Wireless Water Level Indicator


This device consists of a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter device comes with a (5"long and 4" diameter) cylindrical cover(pvc). It has a sonar sensor downward. when the device is turned on, set it on a 2' long 4" diameter pipe. this pipe has a float-able material inside. so, when the water level rises, the sonar sensor feels the float-able material closer to it and sends the data to Arduino board. the value is very accurate . Further, using a RF transmitter the data is sent to the nearest RF-receiver .

The receiver device receives the data and shows the output in the computer screen.

Components :

  • Arduino-uno - 2 pcs
  • Sonar Sensor - 1 pcs
  • RF Module - 1 set
  • battery-9v_dc - 1 pcs
  • Led - red and green
  • UPVC pipe

Step 1: Sensor & Transmitter Setup

Following block diagram and pictures can help you to setup the sensor and transmitter circuit. addition of extra led can indicate the safe and danger marks.

Step 2: Receiver Circuit

Step 3: Tools

#All the libraries and final codes are uploaded.



  • The ultrasonic sensor can measure 3cm-400cm distance precisely. so the water level is measured very accurately
  • In our code we used some 500ms-1000ms tolerable delay.
  • The communication between two RF-modules take time. The measured delay is between 1000ms-3000ms.
  • ·As the battery voltage goes down, the communication process becomes slower.
  • · The measurement of pipe matters . it's found out that 4"diameter & 2' long ratio works the best

##Special thanks to 'Mr. Shaifur Rahman'

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    Reply 4 months ago

    Send me the code and circuit diagram


    Reply 4 years ago

    thanks :)


    4 years ago


    This is a cool project, I just have few queries:
    1. Won't the exposed part of sonar get corroded due to exposure to humidity, how do you avoid that
    2. Please provide more detailed circuit diagrams so anyone can redo things

    I am looking forward to build this.

    Thank you