Introduction: Arduino Basic Led Blinker With Delay Controller

this tutorial will teach u how to make an arduino led blinker

Materials required r

Arduino board


This tutorial will also teach how to edit the delay between the blinks

Step 1: Programming

in the arduino software go to


Go to the link for the software

The code is in the image as u can see if I don't get to the examples of the software

The numbers in delay(1000) represent the delay of 1000 milliseconds

U can edit the numeric values of the bracket

And also u can edit the int value which represents the positive terminal pin

For convenience u may change it from 7to 13 so that the grnd pin is just next

Step 2: Connections

connect the longer lead or the positive pin of led to pin 7as in my code

Then connect the other shorter pin to grnd pin

Power the board and your first led blinking project is ready

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