Introduction: Arduino Basics: PIR Sensors

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Welcome to the next installment of Arduino Basics!

This instructable will teach you how to use a PIR sensors with the arduino, and we wil build a simple motion detector!

Step 1: Supplies

For this instructable you will need the following:

1 arduino (with protoshield to make life easy)
1 LED of any color
1 PIR sensor from Parallax (you can find these at most radio shacks)
Solid wire to hook it up

Step 2: Setup

The wiring is pretty simple, the PIR sensor has screen printed: + - out

Hook the + to 5v, - to ground and out to pin 7

The take the LED and put power to pin 8 and ground to ground.

If its confusing, take a look at the pictures!

Step 3: Code

This code is lifted from the site here, the code I used is also attached.

You can see from the code, the sensor first calibrates itself and then watches for movement. When it detects movement, the blue light goes on. You can watch the serial monitor to see how long the movement lasts.


Step 4: Further Projectse

After these steps you have a very simple motion detector. From here you can use the PIR sensor to trigger events (like a siren or a text message that someone is in your room).

I just chose to use it to protect my stunnaz from blue light fearing monsters. It seems to work so far....

Please post your PIR sensor projects below and stay tuned for even more Arduino Basics!

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