Introduction: Arduino Battery SMBus Reader

A simple SMBus reader for most smart batteries
Reads the data from the TI chip set used in many smart battery packs

Step 1:

The 2x 1K resistors on data and clock inputs can be removed if you can’t get data
This was added for protection during testing other batteries with USB connection.

Step 2:

Original code was downloaded some time ago and heavily modified for formatting on Nokia display and getting data from larger battery packs (up to 8S)

Included the libraries that I used as these seem to change over time and the original code won't

More details are displayed via the Arduino Serial Monitor

Note the cell voltage displays 3 digits
Eg 356=3.56 volts
Cy = Cycles
CC = Current Capacity
DC = Design Capacity
DV = Design Voltage
V = Current Voltage

Step 3:

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