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At the beginning, after starting a new blog, I got many topics to write on the blog. Now that fire has died and I find it difficult to get good topics. I got some good tools like blog topic generators but they worked online. Most of the times I find myself with my "Blog book" where I write about my upcoming posts and so I needed an offline version of a blog topic generator. I decided to build one using the good old Arduino. Let's dive in.

Step 1: Just the Program?

This project just requires an Arduino and Arduino IDE installed on a computer. The program that I wrote for this project is not efficient but it gets the job done. The program is based on Arduino's ability to generate random numbers. I will explain how the program works in the next step.

Step 2:

Step 3: Theory

As I had mentioned earlier this project is based on Arduino's ability to generate random numbers. You can connect an LDR to analog input A0 to start the pseudo-random number generator at an arbitrary point. The program has four arrays each with four prefixes. The program chooses each array one by one and generates a random number. This random number is used to choose a random prefix from that array. At the beginning of the program, the user is asked to input a noun (the topic that he/she wishes to write upon). This is stored in an array named "noun" using the function Serial.readBytesUntil() which makes the task of storing strings easier. Now you might think why have I used four arrays. This is because as each array would be chosen only once, the prefixes won't be repeated even if random numbers generated are same.  If you have any doubts or suggestion or corrections, feel free to comment.

Step 4: Improvements

If you wish you can even add an lcd screen to Arduino. You can also use Morse code and some switches or a keyboard to input the text. Enjoy!

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